Biscotto Codogno / Biscotto Codogno del centenario / Calissoni
Cotognata / Torta San Biagio / Lo scrigno delle bontà
(Casalpusterlengo’s biscuits)
We have never known how and when this delicate biscuits were born; their peculiarity is that their recipe doesn’t include eggs. In 1700 some bakers in Casalpusterlengo already produced them, but that strange name let us think about older times. In fact the origin of that name in really doubtful, while the recipe and the quantities are the original ones, from the old tradition. In 1900 we had completely lost his trace.
No more bakers produced them and some elderly men told about them as something belonging to the past.
Giuseppe Cornali, after succeeding as manager of the pastryshop in Casalpusterlengo, found out the recipe of the Calissoni. So they were reborn: flour, butter, sugar and natural flavourings. The secret is to cook them with skilfulness, love and taste for the healthy tradition.
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