Biscotto Codogno / Biscotto Codogno del centenario / Calissoni
Cotognata / Torta San Biagio / Lo scrigno delle bontà
(marmellata of apples cotogne)
The cotogno apples represented once the most important cultivation of our zone and Codogno took his name right from that fruit. That fruit is not good to be eaten uncooked, but it’s perfect to make jam. ”Cotognata” is delicious, with a sweet taste, but not too much and with a solid and compact aspect. It was called Cotognata and it was home-made, there wasn’t a family that didn’t produced it for herself and for friends from other places. The cultivation changes and with them also the traditions and so we are likely to forget this pleasure; some young ignore the existence of this fruit and we talk about it as a memory of our childhood. But the Cornali brothers still produce it for the ones that love the genuine tastes of the oldest traditions. Out of curiosity...

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